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Free .COM Domain Registration

Free Dot Com Domain. Quality Hosting along with a Free Dot Com Domain. The most important thing is that the free domain registration comes with a full arsenal of useful options and tools to help you manage your domain names.


.BIZ Domain

If you have the intention to create a business website, the usage of a .BIZ domain name will be the best course of action for you. At first the domain name has been used only for business purposes but nowadays it can be registered without any real restrictions and is available to everyone with even a small budget.


.NAME Domains

Are you looking for high quality web hosting for your Dot Name Domains? In that case we offer you to take a look at the hosting being brought to you by NTCHosting.com.


Reseller Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting Reseller

Become a provider of unmetered shared hosting packages (storage/traffic/hosted domains), and of domain names and digital certificates, virtual servers and dedicated servers, and start offering them on behalf of your own DBA name. Practical reseller shared web hosting plan prices.


Linux Hosting Reseller

Become a seller of unlimited Linux-based hosting packages (unlimited web storage/traffic/hosted domains), domain names and digital certificates, virtual and dedicated servers, and start offering them on behalf of your own trade name.


Reseller Hosting Plans

Start reselling unmetered shared web hosting packages (disk storage/bandwidth/domains hosted), plus VPS hosting accounts, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, domains and certificates. Rock-bottom reseller hosting prices.


VPS Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated Virtual Servers

The price for a Virtual Private Server plan is considerably lower than the cost of a dedicated hosting server. A small-scale Virtual Private Server account is a bit more expensive than the most powerful shared site hosting plan, but its resources excel decidedly those of the shared web hosting account.


Virtual Private Servers Hosting

Because shared hosting accounts have limited resources and a dedicated server is too pricey for the majority of people, some hosting vendors supply a third web space hosting service type - the private virtual web server.


VPS Hosting Package

How to choose a web hosting provider- criteria? Features that the VPS package should include. Types of web hosting control panels that come with a VPS. VPS hosting packages with a superb web hosting Control Panel.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Providers

If you have a reliable dedicated hosting server, which to keep your site online all the time, and to be opened fast and smooth from each point of the world, this can really give you the advantage you need.


Top Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux is a most preferred choice for operating system on hosting server. It is free, reliable and highly resistant to hacker and abuse attacks.


Best Managed Dedicated Hosting

Resellers Panel provides several dedicated hosting plans at a very low price, but also covers the entire server maintenance for you - Budget Dedicated hosting, Value Dedicated hosting or Premier Dedicated hosting.


Free Web Hosting

Best Free Hosting

Free hosting is rarely absolutely free. Some providers, for example, put forced ads on your website, while others require you to take part in surveys or forums. FreeHostia is one of the hosting providers, which really give away the hosting service for free.


Free Forum Hosting

Thanks to the easy-to-use web apps installer, which is included in FreeHostia's free hosting plan, you can start your forum in a matter of minutes. You get a top free web hosting for your forum and you can start setting up categories and forum topics right away.


Free Hosting Company

If you are looking for a free web hosting company, which offers unbeatable hosting specs and uptime, you may want to visit Free Hostia.


Shared Hosting Solutions

Best Business Hosting

As its name implies, hosting is a solution, which entails hosting web content. There are different forms and types of website hosting, based on the mission and on the functions. Lonex offers unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth.


Budget Business Hosting

Lonex's unlimited business website hosting account is priced at only $4.95/mo. Host unmetered domains & sub-domains (sites). Unlimited disk space & traffic.


Hosting Disk Space

Large amount of disk space offered by NTC hosting company with an option for purchasing more or simply move to a different hosting plan. 30-day money back guarantee is included.